Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Odds, Prediction, and Pick

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Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Odds, Prediction, and Pick

We all love Sunday Night Football, and even more than that, we all love a good NFC East match-up between two teams filled with some excellent players. This is an interesting situation though, as one of the two teams is actually sitting atop the NFC East, while their opponent is fighting to stay in the talks of even mattering currently. The New York Giants are sitting at 6-3 right now, but are coming off of a tough loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Their opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles have been probably the most disappointing team in the entire NFL this season. They are currently 3-6, but were supposedly the "dream team" before the year kicked off. This team will have their work cut out for them to even be in contention for a potential playoff spot when the season comes to an end. There's no better place for this game than on Sunday Night Football, and it'll cap off a full day of football in an excellent way.

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This match-up will really be a game that will focus on both quarterbacks quite a bit. Michael Vick has struggled a bit this year, and will need to protect the ball a bit better to get a big time road win against the leaders in the NFC East. Eli Manning on the other side has been strong this year, and some of his best games have been against some of the top teams in the league as well. Keep an eye out for this match-up, and it will kick off at 8:25pm on Sunday, and will be played in New York.

» Odds and Sports Betting Line

  • Philadelphia Eagles: +3
  • New York Giants: -3
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» Free Prediction

This is going to be one of the best games not only of the weekend, but potentially of the year. The Eagles are in a MUST win this week, and if they lose, they can throw their playoff hopes out the window. The Giants are hoping to get back on the winning track, as they're tailed closely by the Dallas Cowboys for the East's division lead. I think this one will be close throughout, but I really think that this Eagles team will keep hope alive for another week. When it comes to NFC East games, you can almost always expect a close game that features quite a few big hits. I think that Michael Vick is able to keep his turnovers down, and the Eagles win it on a late field goal on the road.

  • Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles- 27 New York Giants- 24

» Free Pick:

While the Eagles are the underdogs, and it's probably the right call to have them at +3; I do like them to get the job done. The Giants defense has showed a few signs of weakness in the past weeks, and the Eagles will look to take advantage of that. While I do think that Vick will keep the turnovers down, the biggest player in this game will be Lesean McCoy. I'm picking the Philadelphia Eagles to get the cover and the win here.

  • Pick: Philadelphia Eagles +3