Detroit Piston Vs Minnesota Timberwolves, Dec 09 Pick & Prediction

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Detroit Piston Vs Minnesota Timberwolves, Dec 09 Pick & Prediction

Another exciting game coming up this December 10th, the Detroit Piston Vs Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves have played excellently last season and considered as NBA's more entertaining team this season. In the last 2015, the team has won 29 games although the team itself is still very young. Then there is Kris Dunn, an outstanding point guard from Providence joined the team earlier this year. Under the coaching of Tom Thibodeau, the team will surely grow more solid and skillful, therefore, the people's expectations were getting higher and higher.

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The fact shows that the team were struggling so much in finishing each match. They start incredibly well in the first two quarters, beating the opponents with averagely 13.5 to 13.7 point differences. But the last two quarters were all trouble. Their opponents could catch up the point differences and the favor ended in their opponent's hand. If not, they have to struggle quite hard so that their opponent couldn't surpass their score . but most of the times, Timberwolves are quite bad in finishing the match and settling the score in their favor.

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Meanwhile, the Pistons have also suffered a tragic 4 consecutive loss on the road trip and this is not less than embarrassing. During their last match against the Phoenix, they had led the game with 9-point difference in the first quarter but somehow it turned into 3 points deficits in the halftime. The Detroit Piston coach himself has admitted that his team is severely lacking in defense, and it made them play by trading baskets in the last two quarters. That was not what they wanted since the Phoenix is obviously the one who will get the advantage in the play. Even they should put up their best guard for extended time off the bench. This will cause over exhaustion for certain players that had played for the long minute and they might not be available soon or at least wouldn't be able to play in their full potential next match.

We could say that Pistons weren't on their peak capabilities in the last four losses, but at least they have played on the field almost twice the time of the Timberwolves. The situation at that time might not in their favor but who knows they have learned something from the match that could bring them a new light for the next ones. Timberwolves, on the other hand, also have quite several potential players in their pocket and with a little bit of team management, they would be able to overcome their poor performance in the second half quarters and gain victory.