Tottenham vs Arsenal Odds, Prediction, and Pick

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Tottenham vs Arsenal Odds, Prediction, and Pick

On Sunday, February 26th 2012, we have one of the more interesting match-ups between two top six teams of the weekend, as the third place Tottenham Hotspur will head to Emirates Stadium to take on sixth place Arsenal. Both of these teams have had strong seasons to this point, and both teams have had one or two games that could have put them over top if they were able to pull in wins in them. This game here though could be very telling for both sides, as a win for Arsenal will keep their push for the top four going, since they currently sit three points back of Chelsea for that fourth spot. Tottenham on the other hand is hoping to catch up to Manchester United for that second spot, and they'll need all of the wins they can get.

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The Hotspur have been more than impressive this season, as they have been incredibly impressive and consistent after the first two games of the season. This team is scary right now, and almost no one wants to be matched up against them. Their overall record consists of 15 wins, 5 draws, and 4 losses, with a total of 50 points (five back of United currently). They are led by the strong offensive play of their big four, Emmanuel Adebayor (9 goals), Gareth Bale (9 goals), Jermain Defoe (8 goals), and Rafael Van der Vaart (7 goals).

Arsenal has simply not been able to convert enough close losses into ties this season, as their overall record is made up of 12 wins, 4 draws, and 8 losses, with 40 total points. They do have a solid +12 goal differential though, which will help them if they can get near that fourth spot. This team is led by none other than one of the best goal scorers in the Premier League in Robin Van Persie, who causes match-up issues for anyone who they are up against on any day of the week.

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While I absolutely predict a close game in this one, it's tough not to go with the Hotspur. They know the goal that is in front of them, and huge wins on the road can be the difference between a real contender, and a team who just hopes to contend. I expect a huge effort out of each player on this Tottenham team, and they have some incredible talent as well. I think that Arsenal will do their best to pull off the big home win, and that there will definitely be some scares for the Spurs, but that in the end it will be Tottenham who walks away victorious by one goal.

  • Prediction: Tottenham- 2 Arsenal- 1

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The Hotspur not only get the win in this one, but they also get my bet regardless of the situation. I feel confident in Tottenham, and I have all season after they began that hot run a few months back. I'm picking the Tottenham Hotspur to win the game and win sports bettors some money.

  • Pick: Tottenham +173