UFC 156 Preview, Prediction and Pick - Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

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UFC 156 Preview, Prediction and Pick - Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

We have a featured UFC event coming up just around the corner, and this is, of course, UFC 156. Today though we have to take a look at the event, and give a prediction and pick on the biggest fight that we'll find on the board. It is going to be a fight between the former lightweight champion in Frankie Edgar, who decided to move down to the 145 pound division to get a title fight against our featherweight champ Jose Aldo. The fight will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is going to be for the title on Saturday, February 2nd. These two should put together one heck of a fight, and below we'll give our thoughts on the main fight at UFC 156.

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While Edgar is going to be fighting at the lighter weight class, this makes it so that he won't have to deal with any type of size disadvantage that he may have run into before. He has done a great job taking advantage of the lightweight fighters in the past because of his quickness, but that also won't be a factor in this fight against Aldo due to the fact that he's incredibly quick and has a type of speed that will be able to keep up with Edgar.

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Overall, Aldo is going to be a scary opponent for pretty much anyone out there. He's great a combination of both great speed and also an incredible amount of accuracy as well. All in all, it makes for a tough fight anyone goes up against him, and it definitely makes sense as to why the odds opened up in favor of Aldo at -215. The bets have gone back and forth a good bet though between the two sides, and we'll have the updated odds below on this fight for the title.

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In all honesty, I could definitely see this fight going Aldo's way and going there quickly. Edgar is going to need to stay in Aldo's face if he wants to have a realistic shot to pull off the upset win here, and even though the odds are favoring Aldo in a big way, I have to roll with the champion in this one. I don't think that Edgar is going to be able to do enough to overpower Aldo. Based on the past fights that we've seen Edgar involved in, it looks as though he'll have a tough time outlasting the constant strikes that Aldo will be handing out, and in the end I'm going with Aldo to finish off his opponent and get the win after two rounds.

  • Pick: Jose Aldo -200