UFC 210: Cormier VS Johnson 2

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UFC 210: Cormier VS Johnson 2

If there is a show you will never get tired to watch, it would be the UFC! And now who wouldn't be excited to see this upcoming UFC 210. This upcoming, match is about the rematch between Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson. As we all know that Johnson suffered a bitter defeat back then at UFC 187 against Cormier. In that match, which was also their first meeting, Anthony was beaten in round three. It was quite a long fight, but Johnson was already worn out, beaten down, and exhausted. Finally, he was defeated with a choke from Cormier. This upcoming event would be the chance for the two to prove their fighting skills, either for Cormier to show that he is superior, of for Johnson to prove that he could be better than the last time.

One side from Daniel Cormier, he used to be an out fighter, he kept his distance with the opponent using footwork's and overwhelmed them with long range punches. But now he has changed to a fighter which suits his own style. After his fight with Johnson, he slowly switched to heavyweight and prefer to use the swarming pressure during his last several fights. Looking at his capabilities, this is better way to fight for Cormier. He's always good at grounding his opponents and with his super fast stepping in, his opponent would have a tough time dodging and running from him. Remember that he was good at punches and footwork, and he would still be for his second match with Johnson. This will bring his enemies a big trouble of getting punched while evading his tackle, of getting tackled by Cormier. Either ways his enemies will be beaten up and eventually he would arise victorious.

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Johnson, in the other hand, is a good bruiser. He's got good punches, and some pretty serious technical skills to support his ability. He is good at counters but isn't quite the type of waiting for the chance. With his quick footwork and heavy round kicks to cut off his opponent's escape route, he is ready with various combination of hitting to give pressure to the enemy. Johnson's got a good timing and offense instinct, meaning that he is able to perform a good strike and initiating the fight.

Whichever you choose, this could be a long night for them and you should watch the match till the end.

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