Wilson Reis for UFC Fight Night

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Wilson Reis for UFC Fight Night

Wilson Reis, which man would not shiver at hearing his name for he has successfully defeated nine men challenging him. More or less, this has shown his true skills and there are none to be taken lightly. In this upcoming UFC Fight Night on April 16th, this ferocious man has the chance to end the UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson's attempt to tie Anderson Silva, who currently hold the record in Octagon. Why not, this man has won five from his six fights and it wouldn't be impossible for him to defeat one more opponent.

Ries had actually earned a shot at UFC gold in 2016, but due to his injury, he had to retire from UFC 201. But now, he has added more victories to his record and he thinks that the delay brought a positive impact to his career. "I believe everything happens for a reason," Reis said on his statement. "The fight didn't happen last year, it was canceled three weeks before, when I was super well-prepared, but I used this extra time really well. I fought twice, did two more training camps, and evolved a lot. I was ready then, and I believe I'm even better this time.

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It was a total change when Reis "mighty mouse" pulled out from UFC 201, the flyweight champion now have to defend against the winner of the season. Regarding on Johnson's last fight with Tim Elliott, which he almost got submitted early during the match, Reis said that he also sees the same chance, and will make sure to put them into a good use. "The same openings I saw on the ground, he was exposed. That's something I can work on. If you look at his game, what you can really work on in his jiu-jitsu. He's good standing, his muay thai, and his wrestling is great, too, but the ground is the weakest aspect of his game. I wasn't impressed. It actually confirmed what I already knew."

This match would be the greatest match in his career and Reis would want to defend his belt many times, just as Johnson did. Ries is pretty confident that he will win against the champion with his fighting style "In my mind, it ends with a submission," he continued. "That's how I see it. A fight with a dominant submission. I"m ready for a war, but I don't think it will be a war. I"ll put him in situations he never experienced before, and I will get this victory."

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