What have people in the USA been betting on with sport postponed

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What have people in the USA been betting on with sport postponed

With the impact of the Coronavirus being felt across the world, what was normal just a few months ago is not now and what may have been unthinkable or unimaginable at moments recently are now in place.

Unfortunately, sports were one of the first industries to have been affected by the global pandemic as the close-proximity or contact provided COVID-19 with the chance to thrive and become even more of a problem than it has already become.

With the loss of sports, many across the United States also lost the opportunity to get their fix of placing wagers on action with a chance of topping up their earnings with additional wins or just for the sheer enjoyment factor that they would have got from services like USLeaguesBetting online previously.

Esports and Virtual sports phenomenon

However, as many do when they face adversity together, groups of people found different ways to satisfy their betting needs and found a new event that they could place wagers on to try and keep that particular aspect of their lives as normal as possible; esports.

Esports is not entirely a new phenomenon, but in recent months, esports has clearly become the focus of attention and may have provided them with a platform worthy of display, with many . With the postponement of live sports events, the esports industry has clearly benefited as a number of new eyes have fixated themselves on the market.

In short, esports is a competitive sports activity conducted through the use of video games. For example, many football clubs in England have participated in the video game series FIFA and launched matches to keep them interested in following social media in these strange times. Esports is not individual competition either. They can participate in team competitions, and they can also seek cash rewards, so they bring a lot of rewards to the audience, because it brings a sense of familiarity that some live sports are designed to bring.

However, it's not only competitive sports games that fall into the esports category, and first person shooters are hugely popular with players like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and online multiplayer battle games like League of Legends and Fortnite. Both attract a lot of followers on live streaming services like Twitch.

Virtual sports and simulcasts, have also become incredibly popular for bettors as they look to substitute the real action for something else. The rise of being able to bet with ease on a 'fake' horse race event or soccer match will have only offered people with more opportunities to place wagers on something other than physical sports.

The demand for betting opportunities continued to surge despite lack of sport

Such is the rise in popularity regarding esports betting, it is believed a number of video game publishers have struggled to respond to the demand and offer bettors even more. European reports, in fact, have revealed that half of all sports betting wagering since March has involved esports. It has also been reported that bookmakers have seen an increase of more than 40 times the usual amount during that period - a figure that is expected to be replicated in the US.

By mid-March, it had been claimed that casino operators in the US were filing esports wagering applications at a rate of 'almost one a day.'

In truth, those that want to place a bet will be able to as they can place a bet on anything they want these days. Esports is a hugely popular one and it would not be a surprise to see it continue to attract interest, even when the 'real action' resumes.