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March Madness Betting 2013

The NCAA Tournament is one of the most bet on and most followed sporting events in the world. While the Super Bowl is going to get a ton of attention, the big dance runs all through March and features huge games, major upsets, and a whole lot of college basketball action. To be honest, if you want to get on top of your NCAA Tournament betting, you need to get some coffee and get prepared for the action because the first few days of games feature consistently running games throughout the day and night. We all know about the big Thursday and Friday of action, as this is the opening round, and pretty much has 2-3 games running at a time outside of the few breaks that are there. Saturday and Sunday are then going to feature the next round of games, and there is a full load there as well. Below we are going to take a look at some tips to betting March Madness that could help you out in making some serious money.

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» Game Planning and Preparing

With so many games and action running through March Madness, you need to get prepared and do your research before the games kick off. Selection Sunday will be over at around 9 or 10pm EST, which will give you plenty of time to prepare before the action really kicks off on Thursday. There will be the play-in games that start on Tuesday, so don't overlook those because they can be some great bets, but with so many games on Thursday and Friday you need to target your favorite bets and get right onto the research. Research will take time for March Madness, but taking the time to do it could be the difference between bringing in a profit and ending up on the opposite side of things.

» Don't Get Crazy With Underdog Bets

I know the feeling. You are filling out your bracket or looking at the betting options for the underdogs and you see those big odds and the potential for a big upset. Unfortunately, you shouldn't always allow yourself to be convinced that an underdog is a good bet. Sure, there will be those upsets that are good bets if you can find the right angles, but don't let them take over your betting. Make sure to find the best angles, such as underdog teams who are great shooting teams, have big time closers, or a potential pro or two. Also, don't look at a 15 or 16 seed to pull off that first round upset, because in all honesty, the odds of it happening just aren't going to be in your favor at the end of the day.

» Ranking Bets

When you've picked the games you want to bet, stick with the idea of ranking your bets on a scale from 1 to 3 for example. If the three are your strongest bets, then roll with those bets. Don't let yourself bet on games just because of the fact that you may end up watching it. Only bet games that have good angles and you have a strong feeling about. This is the best way to make a profit from March Madness betting, so be sure to lock in on this strategy throughout the tournament.