Winter Olympics Betting Odds and Picks - Sochi 2014

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Winter Olympics Betting Odds and Picks - Sochi 2014

With the start of the Winter Olympics nearing, it is time to sit back and preview the upcoming events and list the odds and favors each country has in terms of medals, in the most attractive disciplines that will be part of this year's events. Sochi in Russia is finishing the preparations for the big opening, while sports experts and betting sites are already coming out with their own predictions on the outcome for each golden medal.

The host, Russia is definitely going to have the advantage of the home soil, or should we say, err, snow, with predictions currently placing them at 10.00 for winning the most golden medals for their contestants. Both USA and Germany are also amongst the favorites for winning the majority of golden medals, with odds stacked at 5.00 and 8.00 respectively.

With expected around 12 gold medals and odds stacked at 1.67 for over 11.5 gold medals, the Norwegians are favored the most thanks to their underperformance from the past two Winter Olympics where they've managed to obtain 11 medals combined. Their expected come back this year is guaranteed to net more medals, surpassing or at least equaling the excellent streak of 13 gold medals in 2002.

Bellow we will be including a brief list of the most attractive and sought after winter events of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, with odds for each.

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Ice Hockey

The collective winter sports are not held in such a high regard as the other, more traditional disciplines like the Alpine Skiing or Biathlon, with the exclusion of the Ice Hockey. While the former USSR and its teams had certainly claimed dominance throughout the 20th century, in recent years the Ice Hockey has included several winners from countries such as Canada and Sweden and bringing a more competitive and equal footing for all countries overall. Still, the host is very much a favorite for the golden medal at 3.20, with Canada sharing the same odds as well. Sweden should not be written off just yet though, with its chances being placed at 7.00 thanks to the team's solid performance.

Alpine Skiing

The most attractive and widely watched discipline that is part of the Alpine Skiing is the Men's Downhill where a new champion is poised to appear. Since his phenomenal performance in Vancouver where he managed to snatch three medals, Aksel Lund Svindal has the biggest chances to leave his mark and get the most medals, and the betting sites agree on this and place him at 3.30. His closest opponent, Christof Innerhofer is currently at 10.00, followed by Bode Miller at 13.00 and Dominik Paris at 17.00.

At the women's competition, Maria Hofl-Resich is currently at 3.60 and considered for most medals since Lindsay Vonn will be skipping the Winter Olympics in Sochi.


The nerve wrecking and quite entertaining discipline of Curling will see 10 nations this year, fighting for the gold medal in both the women and men's category. The favorite in the women's bracket is the team from Canada at 2.12, followed by Great Britain which is placed at 3.87.

At the opposite gender, the Canadians are also leading the charge for the gold with odds placed at 1.59. The Swedes are not that far behind at 5.49.

Cross- Country Skiing

The hardest and physically most demanding event of them all, the Cross-Country Skiing will feature 10 golden medals in disciplines like Mens 2 x 15 km Skiathlon Outrights, Womens 4 x 5km Relay Outrights, Mens 50km Mass Start Outrights and more. Norway's Petter Northug is leading in Mens 2 x 15km Skiathlon Outrights with 2.00 and Mens Spring Outrights with 4.20. Marit Bjorgen is currently the leader in the betting lists for the women's events at 1.30 for top 3 finish for Women's 10km Classic Outrights, followed by Justyna Kowalczyk at 1.04. It is going to be a tough.


The series of events that are part of the biathlon incorporate speed, precision and endurance and offer up to 11 gold medals for the successful contestants. The competition will be fierce, with Norway leading the pack of potential winners. Their forerunners are Emil Hegle Svendsen at 3.75 and Ole Einar Bjorndalen at 13.00, though France's Martin Fourcade has shown some amazing results and are in the leading position at 3.25.

Tora Berger is favored in all women Biathlon events, closely followed by Daraya Domracheva.


The Jamaican team has helped popularize this event at the Winter Olympics, where three separate gold medals will be given to the best contestants in the two and four man and two women Bobsleigh crews. This exciting and extremely risky sport will see some competition from the highest ranked teams from Switzerland at 3.50, Germany at 5.50 and Russia at 8.00.

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