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NHL Betting

The majority of NHL teams are in the United States, but the sport is definitely more popular in Canada. Many other countries have their own professional hockey leagues, but that doesn't stop serious international fans from using online sportsbooks to wager on the NHL.

» Betting on the NHL

There are lots of ways to bet on the NHL and you don't need to always focus on picking an outright winner when betting on hockey. You can bet on a wide range of other types of NHL bets, which we're going to take a look at below.

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» NHL Moneyline Bets

  • Toronto Maple Leafs -120 vs. Montreal Canadiens +100

Picking outright winners in the NHL is the most popular type of bet, but you need to be careful about risking too much juice on the favoured teams. Most NHL games are fairly close and the odds won't be that bad, but when there are some games that'll have the favoured team's odds at -200 or higher. In the example above the Maple Leafs are favoured and you'd need to bet $120 on them to win $100 whereas you only need to bet $100 on Montreal to win $100.

» NHL Puckline Bets

  • Toronto Maple Leafs -1.5 +200 vs. Montreal Canadiens +1.5 -175

When you bet on the puckline in the NHL you need to pick a team to win by -1.5 goals or not lose by +1.5 goals. In the bet above the Leafs need to win by -1.5 goals and you could bet $100 to win $200 profit based on the +200 odds. If you bet on the Canadiens they could lose by +1.5 goals, but you need to bet $175 to win $100. You can also bet on adjusted puckline totals at some online sportsbooks, which allow you to bet on different spreads such as -1, -2 and even -2.5 in some cases.

» NHL Over/Under Bets

  • Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens - Over 5.5 -110 / Under 5.5 -110

If you want to keep your bets in the -110 odds range, which is always a smart idea, you should look at over/under bets. You need to decide whether or not both teams will score over or under the goal total posted by your bookie. In the NHL over/under bet above you need to decide if the Leafs and Canadiens will combine for over or under 5.5 goals. Both bets have -110 odds, which means you need to bet $110 in order to win $100 although this can change depending on how much action is received on either side.

» NHL Parlays

One way to bet on favourites without risking a lot more than the reward is by betting on parlays. You need to pick at least 2 outcomes in a parlay, but the payout odds become higher. If you're going to bet on heavy favourites you should consider parlaying them to lower the juice, but it isn't always a smart decision to parlay your picks together because if one game loses, the entire parlay loses.

» NHL Futures

Before the NHL season begins and even during the majority of the season, handicappers can bet on NHL futures. There are a variety of future bets available online including betting on the team you think will win the Stanley Cup, Eastern/Western Conference or even one of the divisions in the NHL. Some sportsbooks will also allow you to bet on other futures such as picking a player to win a certain award.

» NHL Props

If you watch a lot of hockey or even a lot of a given team then you may want to look at NHL prop bets. You can bet on a lot of different outcomes when betting on NHL prop bets such as picking a player to score a goal in a given game or picking a goalie to get a shutout in a given game. There are usually dozens of NHL prop bets every night that there is hockey, so it allows handicappers to find a lot more opportunities to bet on the NHL.