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PayPal is one of the most prominent money transferring websites on the internet today. Millions of people are using PayPal every day to make and receive payments from one another; in fact over 100 million people are users of PayPal, making them one of most successful companies in America. Many businesses and companies use PayPal as well, allowing their customers to pay for their products using the site.

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With PayPal being so successful and the US betting laws being put in place, PayPal betting has removed itself from bettors in the US. If you are a European bettor though, PayPal betting is still open to you, and offers a great service for depositing and withdrawing funds. Several online gambling websites allow users to transfer funds into their accounts and place bets using PayPal, essentially allowing bettors to use PayPal as the middleman to transfer their funds. They offer excellent security and make the process as easy as possible when you use PayPal.

When signing up using PayPal betting, users can link their online gambling accounts directly to their bank accounts to make depositing incredibly simple. Users can easily withdraw and add funds to their bank account via PayPal as well. When betting, instead of using a credit card to deposit funds to various betting sites, users can simply login to their PayPal accounts and deposit funds easily and securely. The biggest advantage of using PayPal is all of the different ways you can deposit your money into the account. PayPal allows you to use credit cards and debit cards, or you can directly link your account to your bank account for automatic transfers. Also, if you've received payments and built up a PayPal balance then you can use those funds as well to place bets on any sites that accept PayPal betting.

PayPal betting is not offered on every site out there, but has been growing quickly in terms of popularity. The sites listed above are just a few of the many that accept PayPal deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal is a very popular and reliable money transferring website, with millions of people as well as businesses using it every day. This site is a great way of transferring money to betting sites that offer PayPal betting as well. Using PayPal to bet is definitely an easy and effective way of placing bets, especially since PayPal also offers users a great sense of security when transferring money.