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Rugby betting is a very popular sport to play, and to bet on overseas. There are many different types of rugby betting options, as well as many large events to bet on when it comes to rugby. There are events such as the Tri Nations Tournament, Super 14, the Heineken Cup, the English Guinness Premiership, the Rugby World Cup, and many more. Betting on rugby can be very profitable, and will offer you quite a few different betting options on the sport. We are going to take a look at a few of the different betting options on rugby, and also look at each of the most popular rugby competitions out there. First we'll explain the top competitions for rugby betting, and take a more in-depth look at each.

Best Rugby Betting Sites

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» The Heineken Cup

The Heineken Cup features six different countries in this event from Europe, and is an annual competition which draws a ton of attention from fans and sports bettors alike. This competition features France, England, Italy, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

» English Guinness Premiership

The English Guinness Premiership is a competition which is set up for the rugby clubs in the top division in the English rugby system. This competition is designed to decide which club is the best of the best, and offers an incredible amount of betting options as well.

» Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup works similar to the FIFA World Cup, as it is ran once every four years, and is designed to decide which country is the best rugby nation in the world. This began back in 1987 and the winner is given the William Webb Ellis Cup. The host of the Rugby World Cup will rotate each year, and the event will be held in England in 2015, and Japan in 2019.

» Rugby Union Super 14

This competition began in 1996, and is one of the newer rugby competitions in the world. While it is fairly new, it is actually one of the largest rugby football club championships out there today. This competition features four teams from Australia, five from New Zealand, and five from South Africa. Each team plays the other one time during the regular season, and is given one bye week.

» Tri Nations Rugby Championship

This competition matches up Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and is a yearly event that was began back in 1996. New Zealand has been the leader to this point with eight total wins, while Australia and South Africa have each won twice.

» Six Nations Championship

This competition is similar to the one above, but will include six total countries instead of three. It was created way back in 1883, and today it features countries such as England, Ireland, Italy, France, Wales, and Scotland (the same teams as the Heineken Cup).

» National Rugby League

This is the largest rugby league in the Southern Hemisphere, and features 16 teams from Australia (15 teams)), and New Zealand (1 team). There is a group stage to kick off the league, and has an elimination round after that. It is finished off with a Grand Finals championship event, and this league all around draws some of the most interest out of any rugby competition in the world. Sports betting sites offer many different bets on the National Rugby League, and will typically cover every game as well.

» Rugby League World Cup

This competition was founded back in 1954 and features the ten top rugby nations. England and Australia are the front runners for the Rugby League World Cup to date. All of the rugby matches for this competition have betting options offered on them as well.

Now that we have covered the top rugby betting competitions out there, let's take a look at some of the different betting options that you have when it comes to rugby.

» Rugby Match Betting

Rugby match betting works similar to most other types of match betting on sports. There will be two teams in each match, and the odds will vary by which team is the favorite to win the match itself. If you have one team that is a large favorite, then of course the odds will not pay out nearly as well as the underdog would.

» Rugby Outright Betting

Rugby outright betting is a bet that is placed before the competition begins, and you choosing one team out of the field to win the event. The odds on this type of bet will vary quite a bit depending on which teams are in the best form heading into the competition. You can find some great bets on underdog teams in this spot, especially if you have a good angle on a team or two.

» Top Try Scorer Rugby Betting

This is where rugby betting gets a bit different than most other sports. In this bet, you are going to bet on which single player that you think will be the top scorer in a competition. The favorites won't pay out incredibly good odds, as some teams will have players who are considered to be the "leaders" of the team. But you can also find some good competitions where the players are fairly even in terms of their chances to be the top scorer.

» Supremacy Rugby Betting

This bet works similar to a point spread bet in football or basketball. One team will have a line set on how much they are projected to beat the other team by, and you can bet on whether or not the team will win by more than that, or less than that. This will feature odds that are pretty even due to the line being set on the match.

» Total Points Rugby Betting

This bet is just like total betting in any other sport, as there will be a total number of points that are projected for the entire game. Your job is to pick whether or not the two teams will combine to score more or less than that total number.

» First and Last Try Scorer

This bet is almost like betting on which player will score the first touchdown in an NFL game. You are placing a bet on which single player that you think will score either first in a game, or which player you think will score last in a game. These are two different bets, and can offer some great odds if you can predict which player can accomplish these things.

» First Team to Score Rugby Bet

In this bet you are deciding between the two teams playing in the game, and placing a bet on which one of them will score the first points. The odds will vary a bit depending on which team is the favorite heading into the game, and how heavy of a favorite they are.