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Western Union was created way back in 1851 and is currently one of the top depositing methods for online sports bettors, poker players, and casino players. Western Union betting has been around for an incredibly long time, and is one of the safest and reliable ways to send money on the internet. By the time the 2000's rolled around, this company had already expanded to more than 100,000 locations across the world, and is currently in more than 250 countries. Western Union betting makes depositing money onto your favorite sports gambling sites easier than ever, and they offer incredible customer service as well to all of their members. Let's take a more in-depth look at Western Union betting.

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Right off the bat, customers can use Western Union to send money online, make a purchase, or even deposit funds into electronic wallets from their site. There is no account fee or activation fee from this site, and the only fees that are charged will depend on which country you are in while making your transactions and will range from 14% to 18% of the amount for online transfers, while transferring at an office will have fees that change by specific location. If you ever have any issues with your Western Union account, they offer 24 hour customer service in any language that they offer their service.

Once you have set up your Western Union account, you can either send money from a Western Union location, or through their online service. All you need to do once your online gambling account is set up, is click on the deposit method and select Western Union. Western Union betting will offer you simple steps to walk you through the process to help make sure that your deposit goes as smoothly as possible. One of the other things that people tend to like about Western Union betting is that they don't have to use their Credit or Debit Card if they choose not to. All they need to do is go into a local Western Union location and transfer the money through their office in person. The typical limit that is set for an online transfer will normally be between $500 to $1000, while the office transfer limit will vary by location.

Western Union betting is a great option for players searching for a new way to send money online, and if you are looking for a new way to deposit money onto your sports gambling site, be sure to take a look at this company which has been around for ages!