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College Football Betting

Americans absolutely love college football and many sports bettors around the world also follow the sport like religion. I’ve been a fan of college football since I was a kid and it’s now one of my favourite sports to bet on. College football is one of the sports that you can really handicap, as not all of the teams stack up competitively against each other.

» Betting on College Football

Make sure you bet at one of the safe college football betting sites that we recommend to ensure you’re money is secure and to ensure you have the best betting options during the college football season.

» NCAA Football Moneyline Bets

  • Auburn Tigers -300 vs. Washington Huskies +280

College football moneyline bets are rare since most teams aren’t ranked near each other and therefore many games aren’t that competitive. You won’t even find moneyline odds on certain games especially during the first few weeks of the season. If you do find a close game that you would rather bet the moneyline on instead of the point spread you’ll need to know how to read the odds. The negative sign in front of the odds means that the team is favoured against the other team. Betting on Auburn would require a wager of $300 to win $100 whereas betting on the Huskies could net you a profit of $280 (On a $100 Bet).

» NCAA Football Point Spread Bets

  • Auburn Tigers -10.5 -110 vs. Washington Huskies +10.5 -110

Point spread wagers are the most popular type of wager in college football and it’s important you understand the bet. When you bet on the point spread your team either needs to win by a certain amount of points or they can’t lose by a certain amount of points depending on whether you picked the favourite or underdog. The favoured team is the team with the negative sign in front of the point spread. In the game above the Auburn Tigers need to bear the Washington Huskies by -10.5 points or more in order to win the bet. If the Tigers win by 10 points then the bet would be won by the Huskies since the Tigers didn’t cover.

» NCAA Football Over/Under Bets

  • Auburn Tigers vs. Washington Huskies – Over 44.5 -110 / Under 44.5 -110

The over/under bet is commonly used in a sharp handicappers arsenal and you should keep an eye out for soft lines in some of the less important college football games that don’t receive much betting action. Sometimes you’ll notice really high spreads compared to the NFL, but that’s because some college football teams simply can’t play defence. The over/under bet is really simple to understand. You’re picking between whether the two teams combined will score over or under the total posted, which in our example is 44.5 points.

» NCAA Football Parlay Bets

Parlays lure a lot of bettors, but most of the time it isn’t profitable to bet on parlays in the long-run. You may win a few, but the edge you’re giving to the sportsbook when betting parlays will catch up to you. If you do bet parlays keep them small (2-3 Games) and you may be able to remain profitable. Often parlaying 2-3 favourites in the -300 range on the moneyline is a great time to parlay games, as it’ll pay out more than betting the two moneyline bets separately.

» NCAA Football Futures Bets

At the start of every season and up until the last few weeks, bettors will be able to wager on futures bets at sportsbooks. A future bet is a bet that lasts the entire college football season. You can wager on various futures bets such as betting on division winners or even which team you think will win the BCS Championship.

» NCAA Football Prop Bets

Every major college football games will have prop bets available such as betting on how many yards a RB will rush for or betting on how many yards a QB will pass for. You can also bet on team props such as over/under on total sacks or interceptions. Prop bets are very fun, but they can be very difficult to predict since anything can happen in any given college football game. Try to stick to the games where two ranked teams play against each other, as these games are more predictable due to the fact that the ranked teams are fairly consistent week in and week out.