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UFC Betting

UFC has easily become the most popular fighting sport to wager on in recent years and that’s because there just aren’t that many world class boxing fights anymore. The UFC offers tons of fights to bet on every month including pay-per-view events and events that are available for free on certain television networks. Whether you live in North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa or Europe you’ll be able to bet on the UFC with an online sportsbook.

» Betting on the UFC

Casual bettors tend to stick to betting on moneyline bets only because they’re the simplest, but there is lots of money to be made by betting on other types of UFC bets as well and we recommend taking a look at the different types of UFC bets below.

» UFC Moneyline Bets

  • Junior Dos Santos -200 vs. Shane Carwin +180

In the UFC a moneyline bet is where you simply need to bet on the UFC fighter that you think will win the fight. It’s the easiest way to bet on the UFC and every online sportsbook offer UFC moneyline odds on the majority of fights. To determine who the favourite is in a UFC fight you need to look at the odds. The favoured fighter will have a (-) in front of the odds and in most cases the underdog will have a (+) unless it’s a very close fight. In the example above it’d take a $200 wager on Dos Santos to profit $100, but if you bet $200 on Carwin you’d end up winning $360 profit if he won the fight.

» UFC Over/Under Bets

  • Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin – Over 2.5 Rounds -150 / Under 2.5 Round +130

Some of the big UFC sportsbooks allow handicappers to wager on the over/under of UFC fights. You need to decide if the fight will go over the posted round total or under the posted round total. In the example above you need to decide if you want to bet on the Dos Santos vs. Carwin fight going over 2.5 rounds or under 2.5 rounds. Remember to check how many rounds are in the fight since most fights are only 3 rounds other than title fights, which are 5 rounds.

» UFC Parlays

I love betting on parlays in the UFC because you can bet on heavy favourites and often hit a very high percentage of the parlays that you bet. Not too many underdogs win in the UFC and it’s even rarer to see an underdog win when the favourite is favoured by at least -300 or more. When wagering on UFC parlays you can combine any type of UFC bets on the same parlay bet, but you do need to bet on at least 2 unique outcomes on every parlay.

» UFC Prop Bets

Once you become more experienced at betting on the UFC you should take a look at the various prop bets you can place on the UFC. You can wager on lots of exciting props such as how a fight will finish (TKO, Submission or Decision). You can also bet on a fighter to win a fight in a specific round in order to increase your payout odds a lot. If you think a fighter has a great chance to win, but they typically go the distance, you could consider betting on the fighter to win in the final round to win a lot more.

» UFC Fight of the Night / Submission of the Night / Knockout of the Night

Several popular UFC bookmakers will provide odds on fight of the night, submission of the night and knockout of the night. For every major UFC event a fighter will be selected to win a bonus for winning the fight of the night, knockout of the night and submission of the night. Betting on these types of bets in the UFC is a lot of fun and the payout odds are great, but you really need to do your research on the entire UFC card to determine which fighters have the best chance at winning the above bets.