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Sports Betting Strategy

Sports betting is all about picking your spots and finding value in the odds set by the sportbooks. Some people bet casually on their favourite teams and with friends, but if you want to start betting on sports more seriously, you need to take the steps to become a better sports handicapper. We have listed some of the best handicapper tips below that every new handicapper needs to learn so that they are ready to make the most money possible.

Sports Betting Strategy Articles:

Finding the Best Odds

One of the most important rules that you need to follow is making sure that you get the best odds available on the game. Odds vary slightly between online sportbooks, so it is important you have accounts with more then one sportsbook. There are several tools online that show you the odds of lots of sportbooks, which will help you shop around for the best odds out there. Saving .10 on every $1 wagered on a moneyline bet can add up over time if you’re betting more then $20 a game.

» Limit the # of Games You Bet On

One of the reasons why people bet on sports is because it adds more excitement to the games that you are watching. One thing to note though is that the excitement only lasts as long as you are winning. If you are not winning your bets then chances are you’re not going to even want to watch the game. You should ensure that you limit the number of bets you make every night to a few at the most. If you start trying to bet the entire card every night you are going to have plenty 4-4, 5-5 nights, but you are not going to make money.

» Always Do Your Own Research

There are a lot of places to read sports picks and discuss sports picks online, but it is still important that you spend the time doing your own research. If you are purchasing picks from an established handicapper then you don’t need to research the picks since its been done for you already, but if you’re taking the word of a stranger, you need to re-evaluate your sports betting strategy. I like reading several forums with picks, but I always make my own picks and do my own research.

» Manage Your Money

One of the most important skills that you need to have as a sports handicapper is the ability to manage your money. If you are unable to manage your bankroll properly you’re never going to make money long-term betting on sports. You should set-up a unit system from the very beginning that ranks your bets. I use a 1-5 unit scale when ranking my bets and only once or twice a year will I have a 5-unit wager. You need to make sure you also decide how much a unit is worth and it is important you never sway away from your decision for any reason at all.

» Don’t Bet With Emotions

The biggest downfall of sports handicappers is that they either can’t manage their bankroll, which we talked about above, or they bet with their emotions. Betting with your emotions can mean several different things. For instance, if you lose a $20 wager, it is important that you don’t go and make a $40 random bet on a game just so you can make money. You need to make sure you’re only betting on games because you feel you have an edge. Betting on your favourite team every night is also betting with your emotions and in most cases won’t be profitable unless your favourite team is a profitable team throughout the entire season, which is rare.